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Department Members

Since 1954, Nisswa Fire and Rescue has been a volunteer department providing fire protection and emergency medical services for the Nisswa, Lake Edwards, Lakeshore, Pelican, and Sibley communities. Our department is staffed by 25 always ready to respond volunteers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Shawn Bailey – Chief 
Joe Hall – Assistant Chief 
Justin Stahnke – Captain 
Matt Jorgens – Captain 
Nate Peters – Captain/Paramedic  

Adam Kainulainen – Firefighter/EMR  
Andy Schaefer – Firefighter/EMR  
Brad McGuire – Firefighter/EMR  
Brad Burns – Firefighter/EMR  
Bruce Edberg – EMR 
Chuck Dullum – Firefighter/EMR  
Dale Jordan – Firefighter/EMR  
Diane Townsend –EMT  
Doug Buehl – Firefighter/EMT  
Ed Carlson – Firefighter/EMR  
Josh Waagmeester – Firefighter/EMT  
Jon Settergren – Firefighter/EMR  
Lizzy Thurlow – Firefighter/EMR (Secretary)
Luke Hall– Firefighter/EMR  
Luke Waln– Firefighter/EMR  
Matt Hall – Firefighter/EMR  
Noah Kronstedt – Firefighter/EMR  
Patrick Foster – Firefighter/EMR  
Richard Geike – Firefighter/EMR  
Zach Morris – Firefighter/EMR
5442 city hall street • PO box 410 • Nisswa mn 56468phone: 218.963.4444Fax: 218.963.3108