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City Council

  John Ryan 2022 Mark Froehle 2022 Don Jacobson 2022 Mark Utzinger 2022 Jesse Zahn 2022v5
L to R:  Mayor John Ryan, Mark Froehle, Don Jacobson, Mark Utzinger, Jesse Zahn

City Council meetings are held at Nisswa City Hall on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. City Hall is located at 5442 City Hall Street, Nisswa, MN.

For a list of Council meeting dates, deadlines for Council agenda items to be submitted for consideration and Council packet distribution dates, click HERE for 2022 dates.

To contact the City Council please refer to the Council's contact info below. Or you may contact the City Administrator, Jenny Max, at 218-963-4444 or 

Mayor John Ryan, Term expires 12/31/2022

Email John:
Ph: 218-821-4808

Mark Froehle, Term expires 12/31/2022
Email Mark:
Ph: 218-214-6888

Don Jacobson, Term expires 12/31/2022

Email Don:
Ph: 218-963-6188

 Mark Utzinger, Term expires 12/31/2024
Email Mark:  
Ph: 770-688-5692

Jesse Zahn,
Term expires 12/31/2022
(Appointed on March 8, 2022)



2022 Council Liaison Appointments (as of March 15, 2022)

John Ryan, Mayor                                 
City Clerk/Treasurer, Liaison
Fire Department, Liaison
Fire Relief Association, Trustee
Personnel Committee
Financial Management
Public Relations                                                   

Mark Froehle                                        
Parks & Recreation, Liaison
Financial Management

Don Jacobson
Planning & Zoning, Liaison
Financial Management                                                       

Mark Utzinger                                           
Public Works, Liaison
Police Department, Liaison
Personnel Committee
Financial Management

Jesse Zahn                                   
Planning & Zoning, Liaison Pro-Tem
Financial Management
Liquor Committee, Liaison
Gull Lake Trail Committee, Liaison       


5442 city hall street • PO box 410 • Nisswa mn 56468phone: 218.963.4444Fax: 218.963.3108