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City Council

City Council meetings are held at Nisswa City Hall on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM. City Hall is located at 5442 City Hall Street, Nisswa, MN.

For a list of Council meeting dates, deadlines for Council agenda items to be submitted for consideration and Council packet distribution dates, click HERE

City Council
From left to right: Don Jacobson, Gary Johnson, Mayor Fred Heidmann, Mike Hoff, John Ryan

Don Jacobson, Term expires 12/31/2022
Planning & Zoning, Liaison   
Cemetery Liaison   
Financial Management
Gary Johnson, Term expires 12/31/2020
Fire Department, Liaison   
Public Works, Pro Tem
 Park & Recreation, Pro Tem  
City Clerk/Treasurer, Pro Tem   

Municipal Liquor, Pro Tem   
Cemetery, Pro Tem  
Financial Management

 Fred Heidmann, Term expires 12/31/2020
City Clerk/Treasurer, Liaison   
Municipal Liquor, Liaison   
Communication Committee, Liaison   
Financial Management   
Public Relations
Mike Hoff, Term expires 12/31/2022
Park & Recreation, Liaison
Cemetery, Pro Tem
Planning & Zoning, Pro Tem
Financial Management
John Ryan, Term expires 12/31/2020
Public Works, Liaison
Police Department, Liaison
Communication Committee, Pro Tem
Financial Management


5442 city hall street • PO box 410 • Nisswa mn 56468phone: 218.963.4444Fax: 218.963.3108